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Private Yoga

Sometimes a regular studio class just doesn't meet ones needs. In this case please consider a private yoga session in Amarillo with Frank. If you are new to yoga private yoga for beginners will get you off to  a great start.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

About Private Yoga


  • Don't have the time or interest in attending group classes in Amarillo, Canyon & surrounding area. Private yoga is an excellent option.
  • Are you interested in diving deeper into the spiritual limbs of yoga as well as enjoying the physical postures
  • You can thrive in a one on one environment with your instructor
  • Are you a yoga beginner and want to get the most benefit from your yoga journey? Private yoga for beginners session are available.


  • Private yoga In our Studio
  • Private yoga at your location
  • Electronic class via Live Skype is available with advanced classes and yoga for beginners.

THE Process

  • Email Barefootyoga@barefootelementswellness.com  to  begin your private yoga classes in Amarillo, Canyon & surrounding area.
  • We will schedule a phone / Skype initial meeting to identify your expectations / needs
  • Upon mutual agreement we will develop a private yoga training plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Contact Us For YOUR Private Yoga Plan

Contact us to get additional information about private yoga tailored to your needs in Amarillo, Canyon & Surrounding area